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Celebrating DIWALI Festival of Lights at Little Sponges - November 2011. Special thanks to Tulsi Vaidya, Raghav's mummy, who kindly made all the sweets for our tasting activities and lent us beautiful saris to wear during the week. Tulsi also spent time during the session to show the children the art of Rangoli and how to make beautiful patterns using coloured sand.

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POLICE HORSES - VISIT - MAY 2011 - As part of the topic on Farm Animals and the jobs they do both on and off the farm, Little Sponges was lucky to have a visit from the Police Horses in Greenwich. One of the horses (on the right) led the Royal Wedding procession the month earlier! The children enjoyed stroking the horses and some sat with the Police officers on the horses. They were informed of the types of fruit and vegetables that the horses particularly liked. The visit was a special one as the children were able to see these beautiful animals close up and listened to the sound of their hooves as they strode away.

Royal Wedding 2011 celebrations

St. Patrick's Day Celebrations - March 2011

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