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The children will be learning all about the season of Autumn with many activities to stimulate their interest and curiosity as they explore the natural world. The actual changing of the season from summer to autumn is the most vivid and Autumn offers rich hands-on learning experiences for the children, promoting their understanding of the season across all areas of the curriculum. They will be learning to observe nature and the world in which we live and see for themselves how vivid the changing of the season from summer to autumn is such as leaves not only changing colour, but eventually falling, leaving the trees bare.
They will be looking at the weather and learning new words to describe the rich and varied weather in autumn such as chilly, misty, frosty and foggy. They will set up a wind sock and flags to show the strength and direction of the wind, use musical instruments to create sounds of autumn weather:  ‘pattering’ rain, ‘swooshing’ wind and ‘stormy’ weather and move their bodies to illustrate falling, swirling and spinning leaves as they fall to the ground. The children will use all their senses to explore this season.
Among the many autumnal activities planned, the children will be raking up leaves and looking at their different colours and shapes, going on an Autumn Hunt in Greenwich Park, participating in conker races and making autumn crafts.




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