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Great importance is placed upon partnership with parents who also play a vital role in every aspect of their child’s care and development.

Below are excerpts from what parents think of LITTLE SPONGES ~ Montessori At Home.

“Little Sponges has made learning a joy for all my children.  They cannot wait to attend their class.  Little Sponges is unique due to the class size, environment, experience and enthusiasm that Nicole provides.  Truly a gem in Greenwich.”

     Loraine Mudan,
       Mother of Triplets, Zail, Seanna and Taan

“We were a little desperate when it was obvious Kate was needing something more than home, but was still too young for nursery school.  Little Sponges bridges the gap beautifully.  Nicole is very switched on to each child in her care and her updates are accurate, gentle, reassuring, and enlightening.  Not only will Kate be prepared for her next steps but we will be too.  The Montessori basis gives a great framework to bridge play and learning, and both grow on it.”     

       Charlie Robinson,
       Father of Kate

“My son loves attending Little Sponges.  Every week, I can see how much he is learning and how much joy he has attending.”

    Sandra Hurst,
       Mother of Lucas

“My twins adore Little Sponges.  Since starting, they have thrived in the happy, loving and stimulating environment which has boosted their confidence and ability.”

       Sinead O’Callaghan,
       Mother of Twins, Eoghan and Grainne

“Little Sponges is the sort of environment every educational setting should be for a child.  It’s warm, comforting, interesting and stimulating.  For my daughter Connie it’s been a great place to start learning and having fun away from home and she looks forward to going every week.”

       Emma Jones,
       Mother of Connie

“I consider Little Sponges to be perfect as the first experience for the youngest child away from their own parents; the familiarity of the family home setting, the calm, nurturing atmosphere that can be achieved with such a small number of children. Due to the close personal attention from Nicole together with the wide variety of quality equipment, my child seems to experience and absorb so much in each session.  I cannot recommend Little Sponges highly enough.”

        Juliet Brown,
        Mother of Katie

“Little Sponges is an absolute delight.  My son, Daniel (4), is stretched, challenged and has immense fun.”

       Kate Nightingale,
       Mother of Daniel

“ I have to say, without doubt, that giving my children the chance to attend Little Sponges is the best thing I could ever have done for them.  They love Nicole, and love going, and I know that they are having fun in a relaxed yet focused environment.”

Adela Hawley,
       Mother of Ismey and Eliza

 “We couldn’t be happier with the care and education that our daughter receives at Little Sponges.  The small groups and the caring, homely atmosphere make it the ideal step between home and nursery.”

       Emma Freston and Pascal Bertaud,
       Parents of Amy

“It’s such a rich environment, so full of interesting things, that learning is a delight for the children at Little Sponges.  There is such a happy atmosphere.  Nicole is so lovely with the children, and this positively influence their relationships with each other.”

        Jacqueline Askew,
        Amy’s Grandma

“As a relatively new business, Little Sponges is very well known locally.  This is entirely due to the warm, family atmosphere that is evident as you arrive.  Our daughter considers Nicole part of the family and does not want to stop attending despite having started at the nursery of the school her brothers go to.”

        Catherine Hill,
        Mother of Genevieve

“Right from the start, it was clear this is a very caring and stimulating environment.”      

        Rebecca Davies,
        Mother of William

“Little Sponges is my daughter, Tara’s first formal educational and separation experience.  She settled in to the group very well with practically no anxiety.  She loves going to Little Sponges and is very proud of her pictures and creative work.  She sings out loud all the songs she has learnt.  I could not ask for a better educational start for her.”

        Sian Murray,
        Mother of Tara

 “Connor has recently started attending Little Sponges and I am already witnessing positive signs in his development.”                    

 Claudia Hitchcock,
        Mother of Connor

“ Our son, Jamie, has benefitted greatly from Little Sponges'  superb teacher, Ms. Nicole, and the resources used.”

Ian Jones,
        Father of Jamie

“There are many good and very good teachers but only some of them are brilliant and have passion in all they do.  You see it in their eyes which sparkle when they work with children.  We are blessed that we have found Nicole.  She is one of those teachers and my son, David’s first teacher.  The environment at Little Sponges is loving, educational and fun for little ones.”

        Oxana Baev,
        Mother of David



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